What is Secure Data Deletion?

In times of enormous progress in digital technology and universal access to information, increasing attention is being paid to the security of private and corporate data stored on storage devices. More and more often we deal with unauthorized access to confidential information. Read more about Data Center Decommissioning.

Secure data deletion ensures that data cannot be accessed even by specialized data recovery entities. Among the circumstances in which secure data deletion should be applied in particular, we have

  • Exchange of computers/media in the company
  • Corporate Media Sales
  • Warranty returns for certain equipment.

How to make a secure hard disk wipe?

The most effective way to get rid of all the data on a mechanical hard drive is to «reset» it, which makes it almost impossible to recover lost data. It consists in repeatedly overwriting each sector of the disk with a sequence of zeros. It is very important to overwrite the entire media, not just the areas from which the data will be deleted.

It should be noted that the reset process is not effective enough in the case of SSDs, which is due to the design of the memory chips used in them and the controller that manages data recording. In such a situation, it is recommended to use the «Secure Erase» function available in special software provided by the SSD manufacturer.

Secure Data Erase Certificate

The secure data deletion certificate is the auditable guarantee provided by specialized companies. When a large company considers that it requires secure data erasure on some of its equipment (or an entire branch, if applicable), it usually hires companies that perform this type of work professionally and they issue such a certificate.

What happens if even with the certificate of secure data erasure did not work well? Well, the company would respond by repeating the process and even, depending on the company and business secrets in the equipment, could be sued, is for this reason that many companies cover their backs by hiring specialists in the area.

In addition to companies, there are very large companies with specialized departments, where professionals work on these tasks, in those cases all the weight and responsibility falls on those workers, who however can not be sued, unless some kind of premeditation or plot to steal information affecting the deletion of data is discovered.

How to delete files from an external memory?

Deleting files from an external memory is necessary because of the sale of such memory. The procedure is quite simple. Just connect the disk or external memory, then place it inside My Computer, right click on it and activate the «delete» command. If you want to make sure you work better, you can format the disk later.

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