How to sharpen diamond circular saw blades?

The best way to sharpen a diamond circular saw blade is to use a refinder stone and make small cuts of 1mm to 2mm deep, for each pass, but you must do it several times and often without stopping too much.

Therefore, if what you want is precision in your cuts we recommend you to use diamond blades because you save money and time since these blades cut much deeper, but we recommend that when you are using it, you should pour water on it since by fiction they generate a lot of heat and can break.

How to sharpen a circular saw blade?

To know if your blade lacks sharpness is very easy to realize because that’s when you have to apply a lot of force to be able to cut your wood or simply the blade doesn’t want to go through. That’s when you must sharpen the blade of your circular saw.

It is very simple to sharpen your blade and for this you must follow these steps:

  • Remove the blade from your circular saw.
  • Place it firmly on a base with a screw in the middle, it should be well fixed.
  • Mark with a chalk to know where you started from.
  • Pass a metal sandpaper vertically from the base to the tip of the teeth, one by one.
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side.

You must take into account that the disc must be firm because if it moves you may damage one of the teeth or it may not hold a good edge.

How are diamond blades sharpened?

Basically, the discs lose their fixity because metal particles or any other material adhere to the tip and cover the diamond that is on the blade, and that is why we recommend using a material that removes these particles and leaves the diamond as intact as possible.

In this sense, we can say that there are several materials that can be used to sharpen the diamond blades. Among them we can mention the most common and easy to use as it is the sharpening stone which is a narrow bar and somewhat thick, somewhat abrasive and hard.

  • The first thing is to see that the edge is not worn out and can be sharpened.
  • You must make sure it has a good water flow over the blade.
  • Make several cuts to the stone and repeat this procedure about 5 to 10 times.

How to change a circular saw blade?

To change the blade of a circular saw, it is very simple since most of the saws only have an allen screw but we still give you some recommendations and suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the saw from the power supply.
  2. Have everything at hand like the other blade and the necessary ones to disassemble the old blade.
  3. Find and press the button that locks the disc
  4. Without releasing the button, use the allen key to remove the screw holding the disc.
  5. Remove the screw and clamping ring.
  6. Finally, check where the disc should turn and mount it, place the ring, then the screw, tighten it well and that’s it.

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